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Caroline Wyle

Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA)


2020: Expert Panel Sessions:

VA Breakfast: LinkedIn or Lose Out? Effective Marketing for VAs

The session's Chair will ask our panel of successful and Award winning VAs to share their personal preferences and tips for making Social Media effective.


With the ongoing developments of LinkedIn adding 'Open for Business' and 'Pro Finder' - the dynamics of the marketing landscape for Virtual Assistants continues to shift and evolve. Our panel will discuss and share opinions on which marketing channels and processes work, and why.



#VACon20 Session 5: Deal or No Deal? Closing the Sale (and more!)

Marketing activities completed, and your prospects become clients - easy as that?


Not if you have a fear of selling; have yet to master negotiation skills; and don't know what to charge?


Our expert panel will share their favourite tips for closing the deal and managing client expectations (and that should include complying with regulations - such as GDPR, AML, IR35 etc.)!

Speaker profile:

Caroline has been a VA since 2004 in her business, Virtually Sorted. With a background in music and advertising, she worked in the creative industries for over 10 years, both in London and Glasgow. Trying to avoid wearing a suit every day, Caroline switched into entrepreneur mode and has never looked back.

Virtual assistance in the UK was a fledgling industry in 2004, so she worked with a collection of Scottish VAs to educate the business community about virtual working. It rapidly grew to include many virtual assistants from outside Scotland, which prompted a name change to the Society of Virtual Assistants in 2006. SVA provides free advice and support to both new and established VAs through its online forum and website, promoting excellence in the industry.

In her role as founder of SVA, she has previously judged the VA of the Year Awards, runs the UK VA Survey each year and is the UK representative of the world’s first virtual assistant certification programme, VAcertified. SVA is the largest organisation of UK virtual assistants with over 2,500 active members, a forum, regular newsletters, the virtual assistant diary, and regular features to help VAs start and stay in business. Caroline can be contacted via: