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Joanne Manville
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#VACon20 Session 2: Brand or Bland - How important is your business name?

The panel will discuss and explore the pros and cons of business names, brands, logos etc., covering key elements of VA branding and naming issues.


The session will also cover opinions on Self Employed or Limited Company options, franchise relationships, Trademarks, Copyright, and their experiences of managing Intellectual Property in a VA business.

Speaker profile:

Having worked for over 10 years as an Executive PA in both public and private companies, Joanne decided that she wanted a greater challenge and started her business in 2015.  Four years on, Joanne has a team of seven associates and has won several awards included South West VA of the Year in 2017 and 2018, England VA of the Year and more recently UK Outstanding VA 2019.  

Joanne says Starting my own business, doing what I love, is the best decision I have made.  The past four years have been fantastic: growing the team, working with some amazing clients, getting married and having our (now 3-year-old) daughter; the time has gone so quickly but I have loved every moment. 

Working with Joanne has been transformative, she has helped me to move towards creating accessible systems and processes so that I can outsource many of the tasks I was previously stuck doing inefficiently myself.  Perhaps just as importantly working with Joanne has also made me feel differently about my business, she is far more than a PA she is another member of the team who shows a genuine interest in, and commitment to my business. A valued client